Web copywriter guarantee includes original website content writing, favorable search engine results when Web Copywriter advice is implemented, and much more!

Web copywriting doesn't end with the website content writer services.  It includes proofreading services and SEO copywriter services.


Web Copywriting | Writing Services
At Web Copywriters, we guarantee that all web copywriting is original and written without referring to competitors' websites. All website content ideas are created in-house, not borrowed, derived, or para-phrased from any other online sources.

Search Engine Results | Client Conversion
Additionally, we guarantee that those clients who follow our recommendations regarding Web copywriting, image content, page layout, and search engine optimization will see positive results within six months after publication of completed website. We have proved it over and over with our own websites and with other clients' websites. Honest, professional SEO copywriting really works! It both brings favorable search engine results and successfully converts your visitors into paying customers.

The Dangers of Duplicate Content
Having duplicate content on your website not only looks unprofessional, it's not permitted by the search engines. Your site risks getting banned if Google or Yahoo! finds out you have duplicated content either among your pages or external websites.

Although the writing that Web Copywriters composes is guaranteed for its originality, that doesn't prevent others from "stealing" your content and using it on their websites.

Web Copywriters suggest using this Copyscape logo on your website to protect your page's copy against web site content infringement and duplicate content usageWe strongly urge our clients to take advantage of Copyscape, an online tool meant to discourage would-be thieves from "borrowing" your website content. Copyscape will determine which websites, if any, have duplicate content and list the associated URLs with sub-page names, if applicable. Displaying the Copyscape page protection warning banner on your website is free and can be an effective deterrent for anyone contemplating plagiarism. Copyscape also offers a paid service that regularly checks duplicate content and provides user reports.

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